TS Corp, is a specialized division of Tech Squad, that provides all I.T. services for all of our corporate clients. This is our SWAT team in a sense.

We have developed a philosophy based upon client feedback. As a result, we have discovered the 3 most important things, that corporate and company clients care about, and they are what we call the triple D’s.

Data (functionality, redundancy/backups, and security) Downtime (limit/prevent downtime), and Damage (cost control, loss prevention)

Our technicians are experienced, and certified on the latest server environment technologies including but not limited to virtualization, and cloud services.

TS Corp provides complementary relationship management to all clients. This differs from many of our competitors who charge for these services in addition to the technical work provided. Our complementary relationship management, delivers immense added value for our clients, and ensures costs are controlled, and scope creep is limited. TS Corp has the experience and specializations, to support businesses from 1 to up to 300 computer environments. This is TS Corps niche, and we are very good at what we do. Please feel free to have our team come visit your business for a no obligation complementary consultation.

Most Popular Services

  • Network and I.T. Infrastructure Design / Implementation / Troubleshooting
  • I.T. Infrastructure Auditing and Best Practice Recommendations
  • Network Cable Installation
  • Proactive I.T. Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Microsoft® Server, Exchange and SharePoint Implementation and Support
  • VMware / Data Redundancy Implementations
  • Linux Server Implementation and Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Primary Assigned Technicians
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Security auditing and hack testing